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Latest Updates on European Ski resorts

02 Dec 2020

The country by country status on which resorts are open or planning to open is an evolving situation so we have created this page to try and provide the latest updates.

The current situation in the European Alps is summarised below:

France: CLOSED - Resorts closed for skiing until January, but resorts remain open for non-skiing activities. Cross-country skiing is allowed. Restrictions are subject to a review on 11th December.

Italy: CLOSED - Resorts closed for skiing until 7th January, but subject to review later this month. Proposals have been made to allow people who have pre-booked accommodation or own a holiday home in a ski resort to buy lift passes.

Austria: CLOSED - Slopes open for local users only from 24th December. Hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and accommodation providers in resorts will remain closed until January 7th. Strict 10-day quarantine measures have also been introduced for international visitors.

Switzerland: OPEN - Restrictions in place on the slopes.

Attempts to coordinate a united Europe-wide response between EU Member States have failed so far.

Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister has called on other EU member governments to keep their ski slopes closed, saying:

“If Italy decided to shut down all its ski lifts without any support from France, Austria and the other countries, then Italian tourists would risk going abroad and taking the contagion back home.”

French President Emmanuel Macron also supports this idea and has already decided for France’s ski slopes to stay closed until early next year.

Austrian Finance Minister Gernot Blümel has  stated that a complete shutdown could cost Austrian resorts up to €2 billion in lost revenue.

Switzerland has announced plans to keep ski resorts open by requiring skiers to keep wearing their face coverings and maintain social distancing on the slopes. 

Health Minister Alain Berset speaking last week, said “In Switzerland, we can go skiing, with protection plans in place.” 


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