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Become a Ski Instructor in Japan

11 May 2017

Become a qualified ski or snowboard instructor this winter on a WE ARE SNO instructor internship in Japan.

Four good reasons to become a ski instructor in Japan

Are you starting to tire of experiencing predictable and packaged European ski holidays? In recent years the glorious clear skies and sparkling snowy slopes for which the European Alps are famous has proved increasingly unreliable; the ski season has become shorter, the terrain less enjoyable and  opening days often delayed. Perhaps the days of European skiing are numbered; maybe we should be turning our attention to the fantastic alternative opportunities offered in Asia, and particularly in Japan!

Japan is the new black. It’s the next best thing. Once a well-kept secret, but now the  cat is out of the bag and least year - 2016 – more than  24 million tourists visited Japan, following year-on year growth in numbers of skiers of a phenomenal 22% per annum. Modern day adventure seekers are increasingly looking for authentic, eye-opening travel experiences, and a winter season in Japan offers just that! The country’s consistently deep snows, vibrant culture and gastronomic pleasures combine together to ensure an unforgettable and incomparable experience.

Powder & Snow
There’s a reason they call it Ja-pow. As the bitter winds from Siberia hit the Japanese Alps the resulting extreme snowfall creates conditions in parts of Hokkaido Island that are  unsurpassed. The ski resort of Niseko there has been crowned the powder capital of the world – a place where  it is not uncommon in winter for snow to fall all day, every day, for weeks on end.

Great Employment Opportunities
Japan  boasts  over 500 ski resorts and international ski travellers now come here from all corners of the globe. As a result,  qualified English speaking instructors are in high demand and there are plenty of opportunities to  earn as well as learn and enjoy a ski season here.

Less Crowds
Despite the rapid growth in popularity of the Japanese ski resorts, you’ll be hard pressed to find any real lift lines in resorts around Japan. The smooth operating resorts mean you get far more time and space on the snow than in  the European and North American counterparts.

Local Culture
As globalisation develops, authentic cultural experiences  become harder and harder to find. But this is not a problem in  Japan. No matter where you are here, you’ll encounter delightful and generous Japanese people with a rich culture to match. The country is renowned  for its exquisite food, colourful festivals, beautiful gardens and stunning temples. 

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a ski or snowboard instructor in Japan, visit WE ARE SNO to learn about their instructor courses and internships.

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