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BASI Qualifications Recognition Update

03 Feb 2021

BASI have issued a joint statement confirming that they have officially entered into negotiations with European snowsports governing bodies to try and gain mutual recognition of UK snowsports instructor qualifications in the post-Brexit environment.

BASI and the Home Nations Governing Bodies of Snowsports England, Snowsports Scotland and Snowsports Wales have teamed up to develop an aligned view on what the new agreement allows us, as UK Nationals, to do and what it doesn’t right now. 



The statement confirms that the terms of the new Trade & Cooperation Agreement mean that British Citizens’ right to work within the EU has gone, which means that you can no longer benefit from the same employment rights as other EU citizens under EU law. Anyone travelling from the UK to the EU for the purposes of work needs to abide by the terms in the Trade & Cooperation Agreement.

It also made clear that meetings, events, conferences, short-term business trips to negotiate the terms of sale of goods between the UK & EU are all examples of travel which can be done visa-free. Travelling with your sports team/trainees as a coach is not. Taking your clients from the UK is not. Travelling to deliver snowsport services to a client paying from the EU might be, subject to local restrictions.

Read the full joint statement from BASI.

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