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Working in a catered chalet is great fun, but it is also very demanding and exhausting at the same time! We have worked 4 seasons ourselves and still love it! Playing such a large part in someone's holiday is very rewarding, and living and working in the mountains is such a wonderful way to spend your winter. Working a season is not for everyone though, and we, like most ski chalet companies, expect exceptionally high standards of anyone we work with.

We recognise that our team and the people that make it are our most important asset, and we are looking for highly motivated, passionate and enthusiastic folk to join us this winter.

We are extremely proud of the business we have built and the reputation we have earned, and we want to offer you a fantastic employment experience to ensure you are motivated, willing and able to uphold our very high standards.

Our recruitment process revolves more around your character traits and capabilities rather than having specific knowledge, background or skills. We are looking for people that can manage and motivate themselves, have a strong work ethic, have interesting and varied conversation and a burning drive and passion for winter sports.

Come with the above, and in return we will provide you with the necessary training and support to operate your role and ensure you have an amazing winter season working with us.

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