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Pure Exploration offer global adventure travel programs designed for all young travellers seeking a constructive and developmental stepping stone into independent travel, the adventure tourism industry, or the next chapter in their life. 

We combine a range of travel, adventure, social, environmental, cultural and community experiences into one seamless program, and add in education, personal development, and adventure tourism job training.

Our philosophy runs deep throughout all of our programs. Our action-packed itineraries encompass all of our developmental and educational ideas. We aim to provide an immense array of experiences, activities and environments within an adventure travel context that focuses on building social and community relationships and an ever expanding level of independence and responsibility for yourself and others.

We run programs in our homeland New Zealand, as well as many other developing world countries and mountainous, inspiring regions of the world. Each has been carefully chosen as we think provides the perfect 'classroom' for personal development, immersive learning and managed challenges.

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