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Work America

With super social Work America you'll be living the American dream all summer long, working an ordinary job in an extraordinary location. We'll help you score your J-1 visa so you can spend your summer working in some of America's most popular tourist destinations, living and working where Americans go on holiday. To top it off, once your job has finished you've got an extra 30 days to tour around the country to your heart's content! 

It's the brand new Ultimate Package...

BUNAC will assist with pre-arranging a job and accommodation before you arrive in the USA. We're the experts, so seriously there is no hassle!  We're the guys who also support you with your J-1 visa, let us help you have the ultimate summer

Full placement

Let BUNAC sort your US summer job for you on our Full Placement programme. Choose from jobs in tourism and hospitality in great US vacation spots, such as amusement parks in Maryland, hotels in Martha's Vineyard or New England country clubs, many of which provide accommodation. Many American employers will come to the UK for the sole purpose of interviewing you face to face. Take the stress out of your summer job hunt and go to America with a guaranteed job with BUNAC!

Self placement

Want the flexibility of choosing your own job anywhere in the States? Then the Self Placement programme is for you! You'll get exclusive access to our online Job Zone full of employers keen to hire BUNACers, as well as other resources on your quest for the perfect summer job. Earn some $$$s, do some travelling and have an unforgettable summer with BUNAC.

Gaining work experience abroad can greatly improve your future job application prospects and with a wide selection of student summer jobs on offer, BUNAC can provide you with lots of new skills and experiences developed on the original Work America programme.

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